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Training Workshops Overview

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LGBTQ+ Training Session A - 60min Talk / 90min Workshop

Understanding LGBTQ+ Sexual & Gender Minorities

This session unpacks general LGBTQ+ terminology, sexual and gender identity development, the current demographic of the LGBTQ+ community, the difference between sex and gender, and explain gender identity constructs from a more general perspective.

LGBTQ+ Training Session B - 60min Talk / 90min Workshop

The Role of Stigma & Shame in LGBTQ+ Mental Health

This session is focused on how stigma, discrimination and shame contribute to LGBTQ+ people suffering more with common mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety. It introduces minority stress as a framework from which to understand the existing health disparities and provides practical advice on how to help combat stigma and discrimination in the LGBTQ+ community in our everyday lives. 

Sex and Intimacy Article -

LGBTQ+ Training Session C - 60min Talk / 90min Workshop

Being a Supportive Colleague, Parent or Friend to LGBTQ+ People

This session is focused on providing practical advice on how best to support members of the LGBTQ+ community, in the workplace, as well as amongst family members and friends. It covers coming out as well as transitioning, professional conduct, micro-aggressions, unconscious bias, preconceptions and unintended consequences, in the workplace, at home, as well as other social contexts.

LGBTQ+ Training Session D - 60min Talk / 90min Workshop

Gender Minorities: 

Beyond the

Gender Binary

This session is focused on gender minority identities including transgender, non-binary, gender fluid and intersex identities. It unpacks the difference between gender and sex, highlights the happiness and improved health associated with embracing your gender identity, as well as addressing the high level of discrimination and prejudice gender minority people experience daily. 

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LGBTQ+ Training Session E - 60min Talk / 90min Workshop

Binary versus Spectrum Thinking: a Post-Categorical Future of Sexual and Gender Identity

This session explores to what extend the shift away from binary concepts of both sexual and gender identity amongst younger LGBTQ+ people towards more spectrum oriented identity constructs are evidence of a wider societal shift of rejecting binary identity constructs in other areas of life. It evaluates the pros and cons with binary versus spectrum thinking and explore where we might find ourselves in a post-categorical future.  

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