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Gender Minorities: 

Beyond the Gender Binary

Helsa LGBTQ+ Training Workshop D

60min Talk/Keynote - 90min Workshop Session

What is covered in this training workshop?

  • Basic gender minority terminology

  • The difference between gender and sex

  • Gender as a social construction

  • Gender fluidity and non-binary identities

  • Intersex identities

  • Gender minority people in history and other cultures

  • Gender minority rights around the world

  • Gender minority rights in the UK

  • What it means to transition

  • The intersection of gender identity and sexual identity

  • Transphobia, stigma and discrimination

  • Resilience and progress

"Marc is very insightful and tactful when going through sensitive topics."

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Who is this training workshop aimed at? 

​This training workshop is suitable for anyone that is keen to learn more about transgender, non-binary and other gender minority people. It is relevant for someone with limited prior knowledge as well as for someone with considerable prior knowledge, as it covers a range of material, from the basics to the latest gender minority research. The training workshop is aimed at people interested in unpacking the concept of gender and willing to appreciate it being a social construction, regardless of what your gender identity is. 

What are the main takeaways from this training workshop?

​Following the completion of this training workshop, participants will have an improved understanding of what it's like to live as a gender minority person, including the daily challenges it might present as well as the happiness and fulfilment experienced. Participants will be more familiar with terminology, concepts and social construction frameworks related to gender identity. They will also have acquired practical advice on how to be supportive and respectful towards gender minority people in their everyday lives.  

Format Options

60min Training

60min training session consisting of 40min presentation with interactive elements, followed by 20min Q&A 

For small to medium group sizes

90min training session consisting of 2 40min workshop sessions mixing presentation, group discussions and activities, followed by 10min Q&A 

For small to medium group sizes

60min training session consisting of 40min presentation with interactive elements followed by 20min Q&A


For larger groups 

90min Workshop

60min Keynote

How are the training workshops delivered? 

Our training workshops can be delivered either online or in person. We are based out of London, UK, but are always happy to travel to our clients location. Contact us to discuss logistical details such as participant numbers, costs and special requirements further. 

Want to find out more? 

Contact us to discuss pricing, bookings and special requirements. We are always happy to customise our training workshops to fit your specific needs.

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