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Training Workshops

We deliver research based, educational, and inclusivity driven training workshops about issues that impact the LGBTQ+ community and other minority groups.

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What We Offer

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Helsa’s training workshops cover a range of topics, from simple definitions to more complex thoughts around the concepts of sexuality and gender. Research based, and highly tailorable, our workshops are ideal for any educational, corporate or healthcare institution wanting to create a more inclusive environment.

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Empathy VR uses virtual reality (VR) technology combined with psychological mechanisms to immerse users in stories depicting stigma and discrimination towards minority people, experienced through the eyes of the stigmatised, addressing homophobia, transphobia, racism, and sexism.

Why Us?

At its core, Helsa believes in evolving its knowledge, with training resources constantly being updated as new research comes to light by a team of researchers from some of the best universities in the world. We also pride ourselves on producing diversity and inclusion training that accurately reflects the needs and wants of your institution, rather than filling a generic format. Helsa optimally combines research and advocacy for mental health in a way simply not found elsewhere.

What Our Clients Say

What was your overall satisfaction with the training workshops? 

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How It Will Help?


Almost three quarters of LGBT people said that they had experienced mental health problems relating to work (74%).


56% of LGB+ respondents said they felt uncomfortable being open about their sexual orientation

in the workplace.

Diverse companies attain 19% higher revenue than monolithic companies on account of greater innovation.

For every £1 spent on mental health provisions, employers get back £5 in reduced absence and staff turnover.

How It Works


Contact us via the form below to enquire about one of our informative, research driven training workshops.

Discuss with us the needs of your institution, and we will either provide one of our existing training workshops or develop a tailored version that matches your requirements.


One of our expert speakers will deliver the training workshop, either in person or over Zoom on your desired day.


Let's Talk

We are always happy to customise our training workshops to fit your

specific needs.

Our Speakers

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Marc Svensson is Helsa’s founder and a PhD candidate at University College London, alongside being an advocate for mental health, researcher and public speaker. His research centres around sexual and gender minority identities, and how these identities relate to health, stress and psychological wellbeing, and he has published several academic papers pertaining to these topics. 


He founded Helsa in 2019 with the aim to combat stigma against the LGBTQ+ community through research, training and support, and has created these training workshops to promote education and create more inclusive work spaces.

Social Scientist, LGBTQ+ Mental Health Advocate, and Founder of Helsa

Marc Svensson (he/him)

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Max Cohen (he/him)

Trainer, group facilitator and counsellor

Max is an expert in policies and best practice in relation to anti-discrimination, equality and inclusion and a consultant around best practice in gender identity and diversity in organisations. Aside from his work at Helsa he is also the founder and director of It’s All About You Wellbeing CIC, providing therapy and wellbeing to LGBTQ+ communities and LGBTQ+ awareness training to professionals in health, HR and education.


Max is an accredited gender, sex and relationship diversities therapist and a fellow of the School of Social Entrepreneurs Dartington. In his work as a counsellor, he deals with various LGBTQ+ related issues. He has written and run courses on compassionate mindfulness, living positively with HIV, recovering from domestic abuse and wellbeing for trans+ people.

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