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Binary versus Spectrum Thinking: a Post-Categorical Future of Sexual and Gender Identity

Helsa LGBTQ+ Training Workshop E

60min Talk/Keynote - 90min Workshop Session

What is covered in this training workshop?

  • Binary versus spectrum identity constructs

  • The pros and cons of categorical thinking

  • The role of gender roles

  • Unpacking gender identity as a social construct

  • Questioning the patriarchic system

  • Unpacking sexual identity as a social construct

  • Sexual configurations theory

  • Human attraction as a general concept

  • Identity intersectionality - how our multiple identities are interlinked

  • Binary versus spectrum thinking in other areas of life 

"A really good session touching on topics I think that could be spoken about for hours! Thanks very much."

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Who is this training workshop aimed at? 

​This training workshop is our most intellectually challenging workshop. It's suitable for people who are open and willing to challenge their preconceived ideas of the social world we live in. It is ideal for people who are willing to examine their own and the wider societies view of identity constructs in general, beyond sexual and gender minorities, including ethnicity, age, social class, political leanings and stereotypical gender roles. 

What are the main takeaways from this training workshop?

​Following the completion of this training workshop, participants will have learned how binary constructs of sexual and gender identity can be limiting at best and misleading and downright inaccurate at worse. They will be equipped with tools and frameworks allowing them to challenge binary and categorical concepts of our social world in their everyday life. They will appreciate how dismantling binary identity concepts in one area of our lives has the potential of having similar effects in other areas, and is far from exclusive to sexual and gender minority experiences. 

Format Options

60min Training

60min training session consisting of 40min presentation with interactive elements, followed by 20min Q&A 

For small to medium group sizes

90min training session consisting of 2 40min workshop sessions mixing presentation, group discussions and activities, followed by 10min Q&A 

For small to medium group sizes

60min training session consisting of 40min presentation with interactive elements followed by 20min Q&A


For larger groups 

90min Workshop

60min Keynote

How are the training workshops delivered? 

Our training workshops can be delivered either online or in person. We are based out of London, UK, but are always happy to travel to our clients location. Contact us to discuss logistical details such as participant numbers, costs and special requirements further. 

Want to find out more? 

Contact us to discuss pricing, bookings and special requirements. We are always happy to customise our training workshops to fit your specific needs.

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