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LGBTQ+ Identities, Mental Health, and Inclusion Training Workshop

Core Module
90min Interactive Training Workshop


An ideal introductory LGBTQ+ focused training workshop for organisations that want to cultivate a supportive work environment by educating their staff about LGBTQ+ identities, mental health, and inclusion.

Participants will come away with a wealth of knowledge, as well as practical advice on how to be understanding and  supportive of their LGBTQ+ colleagues


  • LGBTQ+ language in use

  • Difference between sex and gender

  • Trans and non-binary identities

  • Shame and stigma in the LGBTQ+ community

  • Mental health in the LGBTQ+ community

  • The minority stress framework

  • Practical advice to support LGBTQ+ colleagues

  • Practical advice to support trans and non-binary colleagues

"I identify myself as LGBTQ+ but I learnt so much!"

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At the completion of this workshop, attendees will have gained a thorough understanding of:


1. LGBTQ+ identities and what they mean

2. The role of shame and stigma in LGBTQ+ mental health outcomes

3. The minority stress framework

4. Why LGBTQ+ people have unique mental health needs

5. What we can do to support our LGBTQ+ colleagues


FORMAT:      Training workshop with interactive elements (polls, breakout room discussions and Q&A) 

DELIVERY:    In person or online (Teams, Zoom, Google) 

DURATION:  90min (with a short halfway break)

CAPACITY:   Up to 50 participants per session

Want to find out more? 

Contact us to discuss pricing, bookings, special requirements and training workshops on other LGBTQ+ topics. We are always happy to customise our training workshops to fit your specific needs.

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"I really appreciate the general knowledge I gained during the session. I feel much better equipped to having these conversations now, and to continue to learn and develop in this area."

What our Clients say
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"What was your overall satisfaction with the training workshops?" 

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