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Understand your mental wellbeing

“Know thyself” - Ancient Delphic Maxim


Every LGBT+ person’s journey toward happy and fulfilling lives starts with understanding their overall mental wellbeing and putting in place healthy habits to maintain positive health. 


The Helsa Mental Wellbeing Indicator provides an overall picture of your mental health and takes into account:

  • How likely you are to be suffering from anxiety, stress and/or depression

  • How much you're experiencing Minority Stress -underlying issues commonly faced by LGBT+ people like shame and internalised homophobia

How it works


It's simple. Complete each short quiz to find out your score for each of the factors in the overall wellbeing indicator.

Once you've completed all four, you'll get a customised overview statement with some ideas about next steps. 


All of your details will be saved to your user profile so you've got them handy. 

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