We understand that many in our community are feeling particularly stressed, worried and isolated during this COVID-19 pandemic crisis. We have therefore launched a dedicated COVID-19 mental health support service, with a selection of our partner therapists offering a limited number of weekly online video therapy sessions at a reduced rate of £45 per session, to help support particularly vulnerable members of the LGBTQ+ community throughout this crisis. 

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COVID-19 Pandemic
Mental Health Support
for the LGBTQ+ Community

1. Select your preferred partner therapist and

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1. Select your preferred partner therapist

All our partner therapists are professionally qualified, accredited by their professional bodies, have proven track record of working with LGBTQ+ clients battling with stress, anxiety, depression, minority stress and loneliness, as well as their individual further expertise and specialism.


2. Select your preferred date and time 

If you prefer to pick the time slot first, you can view the availability of all Partner Therapists in the shared calendar, and then choose one of the therapists available on your preferred time slot

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Booking an appointment with one of our LGBTQ+ specialised therapists is quick and easy. View our step by step guide by clicking the button below  

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