Solving the problem of finding the right therapist

Updated: Mar 27

Since we founded Helsa, we have spoken with countless LGBTQ+ people about their experiences trying to find help when they needed it.

We heard about people not understanding if they needed help, not knowing where to start, and more importantly not knowing how to find someone they could trust to be vulnerable with. On top of that, we heard stories of people having to explain queer culture and lifestyle to their therapists.

When you're going for help you don't want to suddenly find yourself educating your therapist on the difference between being a top or a bottom is, why you might have an open relationship, or why it just still doesn't feel ok to come out at work. It's important to find the right person with the right expertise and experience to help you get to the root of what's going on.

We've created Helsa to make it easier to understand what kind of help you might need and to match you to one of our pre-screened Partner Therapists. We've built a custom algorithm designed to match LGBTQ+ people to the right therapist. This means less time searching different websites to find someone that might understand you and more time focussing on yourself.

At the same time, we're building a network of Partner Therapists with specialist experience and expertise in supporting LGBTQ+ people.

We're solving the problem of how to find the right therapist. We're hard at work and look forward to showing off what we've done during our beta launch later in 2020.


Founder & Director