Help us close the LGBT mental health gap

Hey there! We're Marc and Rob, the co-founders of Helsa Wellness, a Tech for Good company aiming to close the LGBT mental health gap.

Did you know that our community is three times more likely to report lower satisfaction that our heterosexual counterparts? The underlying causes of this, described as minority stress factors, are fairly well understood (and we'll be writing about these soon).

However, we need to develop a collective understanding of how our mental health system is failing us. After all, if we got the help that we needed we wouldn't be reporting a mental health gap, would we?

We're researching, exploring, discovering, theorising and learning a lot. We're not alone - there are so many passionate therapists, social worker, NHS staff and charity leaders who are tackling the same issue. Perhaps you're one of them?

Team Helsa exploring the LGBT Mental Health Gap

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We all know loneliness and isolation are on the rise in modern society, particularly within our community. We’re now at a place where suicide is a bigger killer of gay men than HIV. A third of those under 26 have attempted suicide in the past year and half of all queer people have experienced depression. Technology has played a part in this, as has LGBT culture, which has become stereotypical and over-sexualized.

It’s time we change this.

Help us understand your experiences in getting help to be your best self - whether that's finding a therapist, joining a social club, finally coming out. The more we work together, the better our chances of closing the LGBT mental health gap.

xx Marc and Rob